Sister Sandra Medlin

Sister Sandra MedlinMany years ago I met my soul mate. When we met, I was lost and did not realize it. I thought I had been saved many years before only to come to the realization that I had not actually been saved only put under conviction at the time. We lost our daughter (my step daughter, but my daughter), and God began to convict me once again. I had not been under conviction since the one time during my teen years.

After several weeks of seeking, questioning, and praying God saved my soul one morning in church as I stepped out of the pew to go to an altar of prayer. I wasn’t quite sure what had happened, but I knew something was different. I felt different inside. God let me know, beyond the shadow of a doubt that my “new home” was going to be in Heaven with Him.

I am a “born again” Christian. I am not perfect just Forgiven. We are all “sinners” by nature, but I am saved by the Grace of God. I called upon His name, repented, with a heavy heart, of my sins, God heard my prayer, reached down and pulled me from the miry clay, set me upon the solid Rock and made me His own. I belong to Him, and I will be with Him one day in Paradise. My life has never been the same since that day, and I thank God for it. I thank God for grafting me into His family. I love my Lord, and I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for listening.

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