Brother Brandon A. Cowles

Brandon CowlesI was saved on August 13, 1989 when I was nine years old. The next month I turned 10 years old. I became lost at Beaver Dam United Baptist Church in Edmonson CO KY during the July 1989 revival. Bro. Harold Johnson was the pastor and Bro. Billy Campbell helped in the revival. Bro. Harold asked me if I was lost, but I lied and said I was not. That revival ended, and after a short while I told my parents I was lost.

My mother Teresa Cowles got up at a prayer meeting service on Wednesday and told the church I was lost.  Bro. Jimmy Cooke came to me and asked me if I wanted to bow on the mourner’s bench and pray.  I did go but I did not get saved that night.

My parents Benton and Teresa Cowles and my grandparents Ruble and Maggie Cowles took me to a revival at Sweeden Missionary Baptist Church also in Edmonson Co KY.  I sought the Lord there and prayed there for my salvation.  I did not make it at Sweeden.  A lot of good people at Sweeden prayed for me.  God knew where I was going to be saved.

Before I go any further, I was lost probably a month but it seemed then it was longer than that. On a regular church service at Beaver Dam on August 13, 1989 Bro. Harold Johnson preached.  I don’t know if he made an altar call or not after the sermon.  I went to the bench and started to pray after the preaching.  Sister Dorothy Wells was to the left of me praying with me.  I was praying, and then it came to me where I am I going Heaven or Hell?  I felt Heaven then my grandmother Maggie had gotten to the left of me.  I did not know what to do.  So I poked my grandmother and said something like I think I am saved.  Now my grandmother did not say you’re saved when I said that.  She said if you are tell it.  I do not remember doing this, but people said I stood up and said I was saved.  Some said I yelled it.  The next thing I remember I was hugging people.  I made a small talk saying I am thankful the Lord saved me before the service ended.  People say in their salvation experience there is a space and time that you do not remember.

There was going to be a baptism that afternoon so my grandfather Ruble asked for the church to open the doors of the church for new members. I came forward and told my experience. I was baptized later that day.  I was waiting in the church parking lot in the car, and I remember feeling good.

I am now a member of Fairview United Baptist Church also in Edmonson Co KY where I have been since 2007.


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